Cookies (Winter collection)
Cookies (Winter collection)
As the leaves in autumn start to turn golden, and green landscapes and pastures make way for snowy mountains, the cookie range at YOKU MOKU takes on a warmer feel. Rich and buttery cookies get lusciously coated with even more velvety milk chocolate and infused with generous additions of almonds and macadamia.
Billet au chocolat au lait

Billet au chocolat au lait are butter-vanilla doubled over cookies covered in milk chocolate.

They are a little different from the rest of YOKU MOKU’s creations. Look closely and you will find wave patterns on the surface. These patterns are formed when the chocolate is left to cool down in cool air. A generous amount of chocolate is used to coat the langue de chat cookies and cool air is used to blow off the excess chocolate. A careful balance of cookies and chocolate is the key to the excellent flavour of Billet au chocolat au lait.  

Billet aux amandes chocolat

Billet means folded piece of paper in French. We bake the langue de chat cookies topped with sliced almonds and fold them in half with a milk chocolate base. The result is a harmonious blend of butter cookies, almond slivers and milk chocolate.

Bateau de macadamia

Bateau de macadamia are sablé cookies (buttery shortbread biscuits) generously topped with macadamia nuts and totally covered in milk chocolate.

Pleine lune

Pleine lune means full moon in French. We use a generous amount of almonds in the cookie dough to bake the round-shaped cookies. Pleine lune has a milk chocolate base.

Puzzle Boxes
To fully savour what the brand has to offer, customise your own YOKU MOKU Puzzle Box.