Our signature bestselling YOKU MOKU Cigare is a finely rolled butter cookie that is made of a special mixture of ingredients called 'golden balance', to achieve the perfect richness of butter, while being both light and crunchy.

Cigare means cigarette in French. Cigare cookies are baked with plenty of butter. The cylindrical shape makes the cookies crunchy and light, leaving you with a melt-in-your-mouth experience, and yearning for more. 

Cigare au chocolat

These cookies are filled with milk chocolate. The cookie batter has been made with a special recipe so that the cookies are suitable for a milk chocolate filling. Enjoy the cookie's crunchiness and the gentle sweetness of the chocolate.

Cigare au thé

A special blend of Darjeeling and Earl Grey teas is used to make these fragrant rolled butter cookies. Darjeeling is often referred to as the "champagne of teas". It's delicate flavor is complemented by Earl Grey, which leaves a subtle Bergamot flavor as the buttery cookies melt in your mouth.

Milk has been added to create the perfect balance of these light milk tea flavored Cigare cookies.

Trois Cigare

Trois Cigare means three cigars in French. This assortment features three varieties of rolled butter cookies - Cigare, Cigare au chocolat and Cigare au thé.

Puzzle Boxes
To fully savour what the brand has to offer, customise your own YOKU MOKU Puzzle Box.