The humblest of origins

There is a small town in Sweden called JOKKMOKK, located north of the Arctic Circle on the shore of a lake surrounded by forests. This quaint town inspired Noriichi Fujinawa to create the YOKU MOKU brand in Tokyo over 40 years ago, as he admired the town’s delicious home-made confectionery, cookies and simple way of life.

Only the finest ingredients

Made with the finest butter, flour, and other ingredients, YOKU MOKU cookies are crafted to deliver fine taste and melt-in-your-mouth experiences.

At YOKU MOKU, we believe in creating luxury confectionery and cookies that are driven by sincerity and care. All our products are made in Japan and contain no preservatives.

The Nikko factory which is the main factory of YOKU MOKU, is located in Nikko-shi, Tochigi in Japan. It is near the Omoi river and the Nikko-kaido Road which has cedar trees over 300 years old. With the commanding view of the Nikko mountain range setting the beautiful scene for the making of YOKU MOKU’s confectionery and cookies. Based on our policy of returning natural resources to the nature as pure as possible, we do our best to be in harmony with nature.

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